Get it while it’s great!

CADY HILL: Running super. The light snow we received last night helped to make everything feel like mid winter again. Watch out for a few ice spots out there and enjoy the new rollable fluff!

TAMARACK AND TONY’S: Good to go! Conditions are great. Watch out for a few icy spots. Remember, this is private land and the property owners have been kind enough to allow riders to pass through — if you see them give a hearty wave and a hello!

STRAWBERRY FARM & PIPELINE: Last night we rode up to the Trapps Beer Hall from the rec path. Strawberry Farms trails to the right (from the gables side) are running primo to behind the high school. Pipeline is in great conditions barring one blowdown mid trail and an ice bulge right at the bottom entrance. Otherwise, the trail is in amazing shape.

Pine woods between Strawberry Farm and Stonybrook

Reminder: Strawberry Hill Farm is currently undergoing logging activities at part of the forest management plan. Be respectful and mindful of the loggers!

REC PATH: The rec path is running great with the new snow smoothing out divots. This is a great low impact and scenic way to get acquainted with a fatbike if you’re new to the sport.

Get out now before the thaw again. Long range conditions are looking quite nice. We’ll check back later with updates.

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