TRAIL UPDATE – 12.21.18


The current rain makes conditions very soft and any trail use will result in damage. The good news is that we have lots of snow up high and should be able to weather the storm OK. The end of this system is supposed to bring snow which means an ideal setup for the trails once things get cold again.

TONYS & TAMARACK: We did get our and groomed Tamarack last night before the rain. Please let us set up thoroughly before riding it. Tony’s is next on the list though it will definitely be bare in spots.

CADY HILL: Charlie’s, Eagle Ridge, Bear’s, Cady Hill Climb, CH Connector, Florence and Snake will all be rideable once things set back up.

Reminder that the Schween Haus Loops are closed for the season for deer wintering habitat, so please be respectful of those closures. 

Ranch Camp has FREE snowshoe rentals for anyone that wants them — hopefully this will help protect the trails a bit more when the snow gets soft.  Any questions on trail conditions or grooming, just give us a call: (802) 253-2753.  See you on the trail! 

Also, interested in helping us groom? Drop a line, we’ll point you to some packing, lend you the shoes and teach you the basics! 

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