Ranch Camp Menu

* Indicates locally sourced ingredients
(V) Indicated Vegan Friendly
(GF) Indicates Gluten Free

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    • Party Starters

      Add protein to any appetizer: grilled chicken ($4), braised beef ($6), seared tuna ($8), scallops ($8), shrimp ($7), braised pork ($4), seared tofu ($4)

    • Blanco's Nachos (GF)


      Double layered with *house cheese mix, pico de gallo, *black beans drizzled with *Cabot sour cream and topped with guacamole and scallions.

      Vegan option available (+$1)

    • Fried 'Chokes (V) (GF)


      Artichoke hearts dipped in gluten-free flour & crispy fried, with sweet & spicy super secret sticky sauce (tamari, lemongrass, Quarry Hill Farm *maple syrup... and some other stuff)

    • Avocado Toast (V & GF Available Upon Request)


      Avocado spread on 2 slices of organic multigrain brea with (or without) an over easy *cage-free egg, balsamic reduction drizzle, topped with pico de gallo

    • Stuffed Portabella (GF) (Vegan Available)


      Stuffed with quinoa, sweet potato, summer squash, zucchini and chickpeas, topped with *Cabot cheddar or vegan cheese

    • Sticky Balls (V) (GF)


      Locally sourced *brussels sprouts tossed with out sweet & spicy sticky sauce (tamari, lemongrass & Quarry Hill Farm *maple syrup)

    • House Tortilla Chips (V) (GF)


      Corn tortilla chips with choice of: house made grilled-corn salsa; pico de gallo; guacamole; sun-dried tomato hummus

    • Cheese Quesadilla


      *Sour cream, romaine lettuce, pico de gallo and guacamole. Add protein or ingredients of choice for upcharge

    • Falafel Nuggets (GF)


      Crispy lil' falafel nuggs served with housemade sesame chili tzatziki dipping sauce

    • Hippie Fries (GF) (Vegan Available)


      Chick pea flour & spices crafted into a nifty French fry shape, fried golden brown & served with min *yogurt dipping sauce

    • Friendly Fries (V) (GF)


      Fresh, hand cut sweet 'tater fries (none of the frozen garbage) with honey mustard dipping sauce

    • 'Merica Fries (V) (GF)


      Fresh russet potatoes fried to perfection, house spiced with a sprinkle of this & that. Hand cut? Darn right they are.

    • Salads

      Dressings (made in-house): maple balsamic, apple cider vinaigrette, sesame vinaigrette, cranberry vinaigrette, ranch, honey mustard. Add protein to any salad: grilled chicken ($4), braised beef ($6), seared tuna ($8), scallops ($8), shrimp ($7), braised pork ($4), seared tofu ($4)

    • Beets By Joe (GF)


      Arugula, roasted sliced beets, sliced apples, *goat cheese, seed trio, apple vinaigrette

    • Stowe Local (GF)


      Brussel sprouts & spinach, tossed with pomegranate, almonds, goat cheese, topped with avocado & dusted with seed trio

    • Ranch Camp Cobb (GF)


      Romaine, grilled chicken, diced red onion, hard boiled *egg, chopped bacon, diced tomato, *3-cheese blend, choice of dressing

    • Roadie Salad (GF)


      Warm kale, organic dried cranberries, toasted pumpkin seeds, sliced granny smith apples, VT *cheddar, cranberry vinaigrette

    • Sammiches & Such

      Gluten free wraps or bread available upon request. All sandwiches come with a side of house fried tortilla chips. Add any fries for $3.

    • Veggie Focaccia


      Portabella shrooms, marinated & grilled summer squash, zucchini, red onion, fresh *VT mozzarella, & house-made arugula pesto

    • Grilled Turkey Wrap


      House rubbed & smoked turkey, bacon, *VT cheddar, spinach, garlic roasted tomato, julienne red onion, cranberry vinaigrette

    • Crunchy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


      Ciabatta, crunchy chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, black pepper bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion

    • House Made Falafel


      Toasted half pita, sesame & cucumber tzatziki sauce, lettuce, sliced tomato, quick-pickled red onion

    • Crunchy Chicken with Fries (GF)


      Chicken tenders coated in Ranch Camp's secret crunch mix served with honey mustard and crispy fries

    • Mac & Cheese


      Joe's take on the classic comfort food: Mac smothered in cheese. Perfection! Add protein for an upcharge

    • Vegan Beet Burger (V)


      Housemade beet patty served on *Klingers focaccia bread with lettuce, tomato, pickled red onions and vegan cheese

    • Burritos

      Choose your tortilla (V): White, Wheat, or Gluten Free. Plus fixin's:

      • Guac: $1.50
      • Fries: $3
      • Corn salsa: $1.50
      • Pico de gallo: $1.50

    • Vermexico


      Tender braised top round steak, *black beans, brown basmati rice, guacamole, grilled corn salsa, *3-cheese-blend, *sour cream, *maple roja sauce

    • El Monte Verde

      House rubbed & grilled chicken, green lentils, brown basmati rice, guacamole, pico de gallo, *VT cheddar, *maple verde sauce. 15mpb (miles per burrito) guaranteed!

    • Power Plant (V)


      Marinated seasoned & seared *tofu, barley, green lentils, grilled corn salsa, artichokes, broccoli, chickpeas, guacamole, kale & *maple verde sauce

    • Percyrrito


      Dry rubbed & braised pork, black beans, brown basmati rice, apple & avocado guacamole, pico de gallo, *VT cheddar, *maple roja sauce

    • Early Riser


      *Cage free egg, fried sweet potato, *black beans, *VT cheddar, spinach, roasted tomato, *maple roja sauce

    • Baller on a Budget


      *Black beans, brown basmati rice, *sour cream, romaine, pico de gallo, guacamole, *3-cheese blend

    • Power Bowls

    • T-Bowl (GF)


      Pan seared medium rare ahi tuna, barley, grilled summer squash & zucchini, broccoli, & roasted garlic tomato

    • The Rock (GF)


      *Black beans, brown basmati rice, arugula, corn salsa, avocado, choice of chicken, pork or tofu, & choice of dressing

    • A.M. Bowl (GF)


      *Cage free egg, *VT cheddar, bacon, *black beans, roasted garlic, tomato, spinach, served with 21 grain and seed bread

    • Just Beet It (GF) (V)


      Housemade beet patty over artichokes, brussels, chickpeas, kale, corn salsa, and barley, topped with sweet chili sauce

    • Dinner Bowls

      Available after 4pm

    • Falafel Bowl (GF)


      Quinoa, barley, *black beans, red onion, roasted garlic tomato, cucumber, kale with a creamy tahini sauce

    • Cameron Bowl (GF)


      Marinated and grilled shrimp over rice noodles, with tomato, spinach, chickpea and coconut curry sauce

    • Pearl Bowl (GF)


      Pan seared scallops over quinoa, lentils, marinated grilled squash and zucchini, brussels, topped with a savory lemongrass and honey thyme ginger glaze

    • Steak and Frites (GF)


      Marinated and grilled to temp New York strip steak over hand cut fries, roasted garlic tomatoes and spinach

    • Little Rippers (Kiddos)

      All kids' menu items include fries

    • Chicken Fingers (GF)


      Chicken tenders coated in Ranch Camp's secret crunch mix, with honey mustard dipping sauce

    • Pita B.L.T.


      Lightly toasted half pita stuffed with crispy bacon, lettuce, & tomato

    • Crunchy Chicken Wrap

      Crispy fried crunchy chicken, bacon, lettuce, corn salsa, & sun butter (gluten free wrap available)

    • Kids Grilled Cheese


      Sprouted white bread with melted fresh *VT mozzarella

    • Pita Plate


      Toasted pita served with sun butter & sliced granny smith apples

    • Kids Mac & Cheese


      Classic mac and cheese for the wee one