Game on!  Conditions are about as good as they get right now — we groomed pretty heavily after the last rain event and before it froze, and with that little bit of new snow on top, conditions are stellar.

Unfortunately some trails got post-holed between our grooming efforts and the drop in temps, so a few sections are not as smooth as others.  That new snow makes it barely noticeable though.  Ranch Camp has FREE snowshoe rentals for anyone that wants, so help us spread the word and hopefully we can cut down on the trails getting beat up after fresh snow.

We’re at roughly 6 or 7 miles of groomed trail: Charlie’s, Eagle Ridge, Bear’s Trails, Cady Hill Climb, Cady Hill Connector, Florence, and Snake.

Questions?  Give us a call here at The Ranch! (802) 253-2753

1) Ranch Camp Trailhead up Charlies to Snake and down Flo, back to RC for a hot meal and cold beer.
2) The Rec Path is snow covered and offers a five mile out and back of good pedaling right now! 
3) Maple Run to VAST (1.5 mi groomed singletrack) to Sterling Valley George and back on the road is riding very well.  

We’ll be grooming this weekend (11/24/18) so check back in here, and give us a follow on social for the most up to date reports!

We have a Snow Dog mechanical groomer, we have snow shoes, we have an army of visitors and locals looking to ride.  WE NEED YOU TO HELP PACK TRAILS! Drop us a line ([email protected]) and we’ll tell you what needs packing, best practices, and what’s currently rideable.

Here’s a little preview of how good it gets….