Parts and labor extra.  

Price: Gratis. Free.  Zero dollars.

A general maintenance tune-up to ensure your bike is running smooth and quiet.    

Price: $65 / $39 Kids Bike

  • Clean and lube chain
  • Shifting adjustments
  • Brake alignment and pad inspection (new pads and wheel truing extra)
  • Light frame cleaning
  • Safety inspection

* Kids Tunes include a Ranch Camp sticker and one order of half price Chicken Fingers for your lil’ ripper!

Clean, lube, and tighten all of the imperative parts on your bike.

Price: $139

All of the above plus:

  • Full drivetrain clean
  • Grease headset and bottom bracket
  • Check spoke tension and true wheels as needed

The Pipeline tune plus a little extra love.

Price: $189

All of the above plus:

  • Replace Shifter, dropper, and brake cables and housing (as applicable)
  • Hydraulic brake fluid top off
  • Deep clean and polish — we’ll make it shine!

If you’re only going to get your bike serviced once a year, this is the tune for you.

Price: $359:

All of the above plus:

  • Fork lower leg service (seals not included. We can reuse old seals if they are ok)
  • Rear shock air sleeve service (seals not included)
  • Full Hydraulic brake bleed for both brakes (can be swapped out for a Reverb bleed)
  • Set up or top off tubeless tires

Show your bike the love it deserves with this full bike spa treatment.

Price: $469:

All of the above plus:

  • Full tear down
  • Remove rear triangle. Clean/grease all bearings/pivots. (new bearings and bearing swaps extra. Bearings from brands we don’t carry may have to be obtained elsewhere.)
  • Basically make your bike brand new

*  Excessively dirty bikes will incur a $10 cleaning fee. *

Labor Rate: $75 / hour.  


  • Drivetrain-only clean and lube: $49
  • Tubeless tire setup: $15 / wheel (excludes tape, sealant & valve stems)
  • Fatbike tubeless tire setup: $15 / wheel (excludes tape, sealant & valve stems)
  • Tubeless tire sealant top-off: $15
  • Flat tire repair: $10 + tube
  • Shift adjustment: $15
  • Mechanical brake adjustment: $15
  • Full brake bleed: $30 per brake
    • Same rate applies to RockShox Reverb bleed
  • Fork lower leg service: $60 + parts
  • Wheel truing: starting at $15 / wheel
  • Hub adjustments: starting at $15
  • Personalized suspension setup: air pressure, compression and rebound damping adjust: $15
    • Free if bike purchased at Ranch Camp
  • Dynamic suspension setup: $95 (hit the trail with one of our technicians and get your suspension next-level dialed!)
  • Spoke replacement: $25 (includes new spoke. Additional spokes are $6.50 each)
  • New bike assembly: $80 if partially pre-assembled, $150 and up for full builds
  • Bike boxing, ready to ship: $75-$100
  • Cable/housing replacement:
    • Housing: $1.50/ft.
    • Cables $3.99 each
    • Plus labor
  • New brake pad install: $10 for one brake, $15 front and rear plus pad cost
  • Bike cleaning and detailing (no mechanical work, just make it look good): $25
    • Full hose down
    • Drivetrain degreasing
    • Frame polish
  • Rear shock service: $40 plus parts


  • Free installation of non-mechanical parts purchased in store(bars, grips, saddles, etc.)
  • 20% off installation of mechanical parts purchased in-store. (Chainrings, derailleurs, etc.)
  • Apply one full day of demo or rental to the purchase of a bike.
  • Free post-tune adjustments on things like cables and brakes
  • Free “ten-hour tune-up” with purchase of new bike (adjust shifting and anything else affected by the “break-in” period)
  • Tune / workmanship guarantee: If on your first post-tune ride you find that anything is not working to your expectations we encourage you to bring the bike bake in so we can correct any issues and make sure you’re 100% satisfied