Bike Consignment


Want a new mountain bike? Need to sell your current mountain bike first? Let’s work together.

We’ll take your used mountain bike on consignment. We clean it, tune it, advertise it, box and ship it. You get the cash or in-store credit. Easy!

We consign mountain bikes & wheelsets – sorry no road bikes, cruisers, gravel bikes, tandem bikes, or any mountain bikes made prior to 2015 (bikes must be 6 years old or newer).


STEP 1: Bring us your mountain bike for an appraisal. 
STEP 2: Together we’ll determine a sale price that meets your bottom line needs. Not sure the value? We can recommend a sale price based on comparable bikes.
STEP 3: We’ll inspect your bike to make sure it is mechanically safe and meets our resale standards. Any necessary repairs will need to be paid for up front, prior to listing.
STEP 4: We’ll then photograph and list the bike on our online sales channels.
STEP 5: Ranch Camp staff will handle all inquiries, haggling, boxing, and shipping.
STEP 6: Once the bike sells, we’ll give you 90% of the sale as in-store credit or 80% cold hard cash.
STEP 7: Now you have the funds for a new whip. Let’s go shopping!


Stop by, call ahead or send us an email

311 Mountain Rd. Stowe, VT
[email protected]

Be sure you have the following info available:

  • Bike make
  • Bike model
  • Year manufactured
  • Size
  • If emailing details, please put “Bike Trade In” in the subject line

We’ll take care of the rest!


  • We consign mountain bikes & wheelsets, but we do not currently offer consignment on new or used bike parts. Bikes must be mountain bikes (sorry, no gravel bikes, road bikes, cruisers, tandems, etc.) in good condition, 6 years old or newer. We cannot consign mountain bikes made before 2015, sorry!
  • Payment as store credit: Ranch Camp’s commission is 10% of the bike’s sale price, capped at $300 – seller keeps 90% as store credit (i.e. if your bike sells for $1000, you’ll get $900 in credit; if your bike sells for $4000, you’ll get $3700).
  • Payment as cash payout: Ranch Camp’s commission is 20% of the bike’s sale price, with no cap – seller takes home a check for 80% of the sale price.
  • What do our fees cover?
    • Prior to listing, your bicycle will be run through a multi-point inspection process, and assessed by one of Ranch Camp’s professional mechanics.*
    • Ranch Camp will handle all aspects of the sale, including:
      • Safety inspection / assessment (performed at intake).
      • Light cleaning to ensure a tidy appearance for the listing.
      • Photographing and listing the bike.
      • Responding to all inquiries and questions.
      • As needed, packing the bike and shipping it.
    • *Please note that the cost of heavy cleaning or repairs required will be billed up front prior to Ranch Camp listing the bike for sale. Parts and labor may not be deducted from the proceeds of the sale.
  • Ranch Camp requires at least 48 hours to perform an assessment and will base the consignment value on the bike’s overall condition, comparable bike sales, and any signs of wear, damage, etc. You’ll be notified about the assessed value of your bike, as well as an estimate of any parts / labor necessary to ready the bike for sale. Note that not all bikes will be eligible for consignment and Ranch Camp reserves the right to decline bikes for any reason, namely if the bike is not safe to ride.
  • Working with Ranch Camp staff, we’re happy to help you identify a fair starting price, and we’ll also establish your price floor: i.e. the minimum amount you’ll need to take home after the consignment split.
  • An owner can retrieve a bike at any time given 48 hours notice provided there is no pending sale on the bike. If a sale is already pending, the customer is no longer able to retrieve the bike.
  • In-store credit may not be combined with other offers or applied in the restaurant.
  • Ranch Camp will be liable for all consignment bikes while housed on consignment.

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