Price: Gratis. Free.  Zero dollars. Parts and labor extra*  


LIL’ RIPPER TUNE (24” wheels and under):
Includes a Ranch Camp sticker and one order of half price Chicken Fingers for your lil’ ripper!

Price: $39

  • Lube and inspect drivetrain
  • Brake check and adjustment (Replacement pads extra)
  • Shifting check and adjustment
  • General multi-point inspection
  • Tire inspection and inflation (replacement tires additional cost)


A general maintenance tune-up to ensure your bike is running smooth and quiet.  

Price: $59  

  • Adjust shifting and check cable tension
  • Clean and lube chain
  • Brake inspection and adjustment
  • Minor wheel truing
  • Proper tire inflation
  • Clean frame
  • Check chain stretch / wear
  • Safety inspection
  • Inspect frame and pivot points (check all bolts for proper torque)


The Town Loops Tune, with a little extra TLC for your steed.

Price: $119

All of the above plus:

  • Replace shifter cable and housing
  • Degrease chain and cassette


If you’re an avid, but not
everyday rider, this is everything you need and nothing you don’t.  

Price: $189

  • Everything from the Town Loops Tune plus:
    • Full drivetrain cleaning
    • Major wheel truing
    • Headset and bottom bracket service
    • Hub adjustments and greasing
    • Replace shifter cables and housing, adjust shifting
    • Polish bike


You shred everyday so this is your one stop shop for complete bike maintenance.

Price: $289:

  • All of the above plus:
    • Full lower leg fork service (dust seals, wipers & bath oil; damper service additional)
    • Full hydraulic brake bleed
    • Rear shock inspection
    • Set up or refill tubeless tire sealant on front and rear tires


Pretty much everything —  

Price: $469:

  • All of the above plus:
    • A full tear-down of your bike with an inspection of all moving parts


*  Excessively dirty bikes will incur a $10 cleaning fee. *

Labor Rate: $75 / hour.  



  • Tubeless tire tape and seal: $45 /wheel (includes valve stems)
  • Tubeless tire sealant top-off: $15
  • Flat tire fix: $10 + tube
  • Shift adjustment: $15
  • Mechanical brake adjustment: $15
  • Brake bleed: $30 per brake
    • Same rate applies to Rock Shox Reverb remote bleed
  • Fork lower leg service: $60 + parts
  • Wheel truing: starting at $15 / wheel
  • Hub adjustments: starting at $15
  • Personalized suspension setup: air pressure, compression and rebound damping adjust: $15
    • Free if bike purchased at Ranch Camp
  • Spoke replacement: $25 (includes new spoke)
  • New Bike assembly: $80 if partially pre-assembled, $150 and up for full builds
  • Bike boxing ready to ship: $75-$100
  • Cable/housing replacement:
    • Housing: $1.50/ft.
    • Cables $3.99 each
    • Plus labor
  • New brake pad install: $10 for one brake, $15 front and rear plus pad cost
  • Bike cleaning and detailing (no mechanical work, just make it look good): $25
    • Full hose down
    • Drivetrain degreasing
    • Frame polish
  • Rear shock service: $40 plus parts



  • Free installation of non-mechanical parts like bars, grips, saddles, etc.
  • 15% off installation of mechanical parts purchased in-store. (Chainrings, derailleurs, etc.)
  • Apply one full day of demo or rental to the purchase of a bike.
  • Free post-tune adjustments on things like cables and brakes
  • Free 30-day tuneup / 10 hour tune with purchase of new bike
  • Tune / workmanship guarantee: cables stretch and air pressure varies so bring your bike back after any one of our tunes and we’ll make sure it’s running properly